• Oven Cleaning

  • Delicious Dinners Are Cooked Best After You Benefit from Professional Oven Cleaning Guildford Services

    Spilled sauce, burnt fat, milk boiling over – oven cleaning specialists know that all these issues make your life more difficult, either at home or as a restaurant owner. Every delicious meal is cooked with care, talent and love – but also with a lot of spots on the inside and outside of the oven.

    What Goes Into Your Oven

    Given the fact that you prepare food in it, not all types of cleaning substances are allowed to be used for cleaning your oven. Some products are not very efficient or require a lot of scouring. In fact, the majority of the substances available in stores are based on lye – a strongly alkaline solution that is labeled 8 for health hazard.

    Lye is highly corrosive (it can burn skin) and, after continuous use, it will damage the top coating of the oven, exposing the metal underneath to damage. You need to take great precautions when cleaning your over with lye-based products: wear gloves, keep the window open to avoid inhaling fumes and clean the oven thoroughly with clean water.

    That is a lot of effort for you. Why do it when professional help is available?

    The Healthy Alternative

    Professional oven cleaning companies in Guildford can be a great helping hand for home and restaurants owners alike. They use patented cleaning products that you cannot find in stores. These products are tested to be completely safe, both for people and for the long lasting good aspect of the oven.

    Professional cleaners know that it is important to perform a thorough and efficient cleaning of the most difficult types of stains and spills from cooking, while leaving the top coating of the oven shiny and free of scratches.

    The requirements for safe cleaning are even more stringent in case of restaurants. Federal and state laws impose strict standards for food safety in public diners in Guildford, and the inspections require that owners disclose what type of oven cleaning substances they use.

  • Rescuing Your Old Oven

    Were you thinking to throw away your mother’s oven because the layers of grime and dry fat make it unusable? Give it one last chance with professional cleaning services. You will be surprised to see it shiny again and ready to cook hundreds and hundreds of delicious meals.

    Professional oven cleaning companies are of great help, not only for regular cleaning, but even for deep cleaning and restoring old and unused ovens. Why spend a lot of money on a new oven? The old one can be made to look as good as new with the right skills and cleaning products.

    Find and Hire the Best Oven Cleaning Guilford Specialists

    There are many cleaning companies in Guildford, but only Star Shiners deliver on all their promises consistently. Our business mission is:

    • To deliver high quality services;
    • To ensure customer satisfaction at all times;
    • To offer affordable pricing;
    • To add value to the community they are serving.

    Your oven is more than a kitchen appliance, it is your trusted ally in preparing those delicious home meals that make you a great cook. Do not let just anyone clean it. Call Star Shiners and let the best oven cleaning specialists in Guildford take care of your oven.    

  • Oven Cleaning Price List

    Type Price
    60 cm Single oven including two racks£45
    60cm Double oven including three racks£55
    90 cm Single oven including two racks£60
    Baking Tray£5 each
    Microwave oven£15
    Extractor Hood(incl. filter replacement)£15
    Range / Aga's£90
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