• Trust & Protection

    Does your company carry insurance?
    Yes, we are fully insured.

    Do you provide a receipt?
    Yes. We can email you one, once the cleaning job is done.

    Do I Need to Be at Home During the Cleaning Services?
    You don’t have to be home but should feel comfortable staying at home if you choose. If you provide us with keys and security codes, we keep them in a safe in our office. The day of your scheduled cleaning, your key is matched to your job ticket. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy should Star Shiners be unable to access your home.

    Are your cleaning technicians checked out before they are hired?

    Yes. They undergo a criminal record check. Also, their personal and employment references are thoroughly checked. Finally, they are fully trained, supervised and their performance is monitored for all of our cleaning.

    Getting Services

    Do You Provide In-home Assessments for Star Shiners Cleaning Services?
    Yes. First, we like to talk to you on the phone because there are too many questions and details to explore before we know if Star Shiners will be a good fit for you. We then meet with you, get to know your preferences by going through every room of your house. We then prepare a custom cleaning plan to suit your budget.

    How Much Does a House Cleaning Service Cost?

    Please see our price list page.

    How Do I Pay for Your Services?

    Star Shiners gladly accepts the following forms of payment: BACS, cash or check. Payment is due at the time of service. One-time cleaning also require payment on the day. A £25.00 fee is applied to all returned checks.

    Our policies

    What is the Cancellation / Reschedule policy ?
    If it is necessary to cancel/skip your regular cleaning day, we require a 24-hour notification. If we receive fewer than 24 hours notice, or cannot access your home, it will be necessary for us to charge up to the full price of your cleaning. Future scheduled cleans will remain unchanged.

    What If I Accidentally Lock the Cleaning Team Out on My Cleaning Day?
    Unfortunately, in this situation our cleaning team will already have allocated that time slot to you and will have travelled to your home. We expect that you will understand that it is only fair to compensate them for this and so we charge a lock-out fee. Just as with rescheduling fees, if you lock the cleaning team out on house cleaning day, you will likely be assessed a lock-out fee.

    Our teams

    Do you work in teams?
    Yes. We have found that 2 person teams work best for maintenance cleans and 3-4 person teams if you opt for an initial deep and detailed cleaning. With 2 person teams, we don’t “move in” when we clean. We get the job done efficiently and effectively in the minimum amount of time it takes to complete a quality cleaning job. Also, teams don’t get “burnt out” on your home like single cleaners can.

    Will the same team clean each and every time?
    We always try to have the same 2-person team clean your home every time. It is important for us to have the team get to know your home and your specific cleaning plan.

    Do You Provide Safety Training to the Star Shiners Cleaning Teams?
    Yes. We implement and enforce a Safety Program that teaches our cleaning technicians to work safely, minimise injuries, accidents and to avoid damage to clients’ property.

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