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  • Guildford Cleaning for Estate Agents or How to Ensure Smooth Transition from One Tenant to Another

    There are many cases in which professional services of cleaning for estate agents come in handy. If the property is being rented, it has to be cleaned before a new tenant moves in. If it is listed for sale, the realtor managing the sale will want to spruce it up a little in order to obtain the best price possible.

    The specific of the cleaning services required by the real estate agents in Guildford differs from one property to another, but everyone wants to find a company with a full understanding of their needs and up to the challenge of providing high quality cleaning at short notice.

    Professional Services for Various Needs

    There are many types of cleaning for estate agents, and each of them faces its own challenges and rigors in terms of quality and timeliness.

    • Cleaning for corporate clients – When the apartment is rented to an expat manager, the property needs regular cleaning services at high quality levels. At the same time, the cleaning team must be able to work on a flexible schedule, according to the daily schedule of the tenant.
    • Short-term tenancy – Families traveling for short periods of time (1-2 weeks) prefer to lease a studio rather than to book a hotel room, because it is much cheaper. If you run a short-term tenancy business, then you must work with a company specializing in cleaning for estate agents, in order to ensure that your apartments and studios are neat and clean before the new tenants arrive.
    • Long-term tenancy – When a long-term tenant leaves an apartment, they may leave it in pristine condition…or not. Professional cleaning companies in Guildford know how to deal with heavy cleaning jobs and make your property look perfectly clean and ready to welcome a new tenant.
    • Cleaning before sale – If you want to sell your property, your best chance to close the deal for a great price is to present an impeccably clean apartment to your potential clients. Even if the property is unfurnished, if it was inhabited for more than a few weeks, it will need airing, dusting, window cleaning and many other operations included in the cleaning for estate agents that Guildford companies offer.

    Do Not Settle for Less than the Best!

    When administering a property, one of your main duties is to maintain it clean, sanitized and fit for use by your tenants. You may be liable to them if the apartment fails to meet the standards of living conditions you advertise. Therefore, you need to have a trusted partner for cleaning services that delivers value consistently and is flexible in their work schedule to fit your needs – even on short notice.

    You can choose from various professional cleaning services in Guildford, but you need to make sure that they have experience to serve your particular needs. Star Shiners is a cleaning company that delivers top quality services to all its clients – residential or corporate.

    They have a highly skilled team of cleaners, carefully selected and trained, fully insured and available to work on a flexible schedule. Do not settle for less than the best cleaning for estate agents in Guildford – let Star Shiners keep your properties sparkling clean!


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