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    Both residential complexes and shopping malls have something in common: the need for daily communal areas cleaning. No matter how many advantages your building has to offer in terms of amenities or attractions, the first thing that potential customers see are the outside windows, the entrance door and the main hallway.

    Unless they are perfectly clean, you will not even get the chance to take your potential client for the grand tour. You may be able to hide some flaws or draw your clients' attention away from them, but cleanliness cannot be overlooked. A cluttered, dirty and bad smelling building will chase everyone away.

    A Strict Routine

    Professional companies have developed their communal areas cleaning services after years of analysing and understanding their clients’ needs and the restrictive conditions these operate under.

    For example, in a residential building, it is absolutely the worst moment ever to start cleaning the corridors at 7 a.m., when everyone is preparing to leave for work. The 2 to 4 in the afternoon period is the nap hour for small children and senior citizens, and you must avoid any noisy activities, such as vacuuming the hallway carpets.

    Shopping malls need to be sparkling clean when they open for business and stay like this throughout the day. The important aspects to consider in this situation are how to plan the general daily communal areas cleaning in order to finish on time and how to maintain cleanliness during the day without major impediments to clients walking up and down the corridors.

    Getting the Job Done

    Professional cleaning companies in Guildford are ready to meet all exigencies imposed by corporate and residential clients. Besides the knowhow required to ensure high level services in communal areas cleaning, these companies have developed a series of work procedures that help them get the job done efficiently and consistently, with minimum disturbance to the people living, working or shopping in the respective building.

    Here are a few reasons for working with cleaning companies:

    • They use highly trained staff, who work together as a team in order to finish the cleaning job efficiently;
    • All cleaning staff is fully insured and uniformed;
    • They can provide a flexible cleaning schedule according to the traffic flow specific to each type of building;
    • They use non-corrosive, environment friendly cleaning substances that are health and safety certified;
    • They offer limited contractual liability based on flat rates – if you are not happy with the service, you can terminate the contract at any moment.

    Finding the Best Communal Areas Cleaning Guildford Company

    Before hiring a cleaning company, you need to do a background check. These days, you can easily find reviews and customer testimonials on various internet forums or on the companies' websites. Also, you should check their clients portfolio and assess if they have experience in large scale cleaning jobs.

    Star Shiners has all the qualifications required to become your trusted cleaning partner. Their staff is carefully selected and trained, and they are committed to delivering superior services for affordable prices. If you are looking for efficient and high quality communal areas cleaning in Guildford, look no further than Star Shiners – the company that keeps its promises.

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